The St. James Group was established in 2001. It provides international expertise and management in a broad range of business and geographic areas. There is a particular focus and expertise in structuring, funding and managing diverse and complex insurance arrangements. St. James’ services are available to individuals and multi-national corporations alike, typically involving some form of partnership arrangement. We offer access to:

St. James Assurance – Licensed in all classes of insurance, except annuities, it offers specialized insurance products through separate accounts, which provide firewall protection from claims against other policies.

St. James Special Risks – Provides special lines cover.
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St. James Resources – Provides sourcing solutions for corporate clients engaged in international business in Barbados.
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Fortem Partners – Specialises in proprietary pension de-risking and optimisation planning through a joint venture with Pension Risk Solutions of Canada.
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Havelet Assignment – St. James provides Barbados administration for Havelet’s non-qualified attorney fee deferral and claimant structured settlement programmes.
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The St. Katharine Charitable Foundation – Is administered by St. James.
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At The St James Group, our mission is simple, Create Value, Preserve Wealth. To achieve this, we work to fully understand our clients’ unique financial needs and objectives. We recognize that this understanding can only occur if, pervading in every communication, instruction and decision, is the single intangible element that is the foundation of any successful relationship – Trust.

We pledge that we will strive to maintain this trusting relationship with you.

Our success is your success and we frequently partner to achieve this objective. Your needs and objectives are the starting point for customized solutions in a highly complex and regulated financial products and services world. Trust the companies of The St. James Group as your one-stop destination for financial solutions that meet your multiple, complex financial challenges.

Expertise and devotion to your individual financial needs breed trust. Count on The St. James Group earning your trust every day of our relationship.

“Our Mission is to create value and preserve wealth to help our clients meet their financial goals.We strive for this everyday in our relationships.”


Christopher J.N. Towner
Founding Chairman