“Our Mission is to create value and preserve wealth to help our clients meet their financial goals. We strive for this everyday in our relationships.”

Christopher J.N. Towner
Founding Chairman


The St. James Group is a one-stop destination for high net worth individuals and owners of privately held businesses who need comprehensive wealth management products and services. Through our companies, we provide investment options and services tailored to meet the unique financial challenges of each and every client. When the St. James Group sees opportunities to add value to our clients’ solutions, we partner or are willing to collaborate with like-minded companies, typically in financial services.

The St. James Group currently includes three subsidiaries, each uniquely positioned under specific legislation and regulation to deliver custom solutions to meet our clients’ financial challenges.

St. James Assurance
St. James Assurance is licensed in all classes of insurance, except annuities, it offers specialized insurance products through separate accounts, which provide firewall protection from claims against other policies. Each solution is designed to meet your unique financial needs. St. James Assurance is an Insurance Company licensed under the Insurance Act Cap. 310, and a separate account company under (Division F of) the Companies Act Cap. 308 of the Laws of Barbados.

St. James Special Risks
St. James Special Risks provides physical damage cover for rally cars on- and off-stage, and for track-day vehicles.

St. James Resources
St. James Resources provides sourcing solutions, including the provision of financial and human capital, for corporate clients engaged in international business in Barbados.

The company offers clients a flexible innovative approach and access to international business centers and financial markets.

Fortem Partners
Fortem is a joint venture with Pension Risk Solutions of Canada and specialises in proprietary pension de-risking and optimisation planning.

For more information go to : www.fortempartners.com

Havelet Assignment – Havelet Assignment provides periodic payment solutions to attorneys who wish to arrange the receipt of their contingency fees, personal injury or otherwise, in a tax-efficient manner, and to claimants who wish to arrange their qualified and non-qualified settlements in a tax-efficient manner.

For more information go to : www.havelet-assignment.com

The St. Katharine Charitable Foundation
St. Katharine is a Guernsey – registered Foundation, administered by St. James.

For more information go to : www.stkatharine.gg